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About the FNAF 4 GAME

FNAF 4 unblocked distinguishes itself from other previous FNAF games so much! Are you ready for a new story in this horror game which is playable at school? No more creepy working days at Freddy’s Fazebar Pizza Restaurant! Now, those nightmares have followed you home, and they are trying to make you live in hell. As an unknown kid, you need to find the possible ways to protect yourself from being attacked by Freddy and his friends. The enemies take over your house already! They can be in the room, on the bed, in the closet, in the hallway and so on. Watch out your back, and your front. Don’t let them get into your closet, and try to survive for 5 nights to complete the game! Click on the screen carefully and check out every single location in your house. The players are provided with a flashlight! So make the best use of it to safeguard yourself!

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