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Ultimate Custom Night Download

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About Ultimate Custom Night

Ultimate Custom Night is another amazing horror FNAF game in which you will play as a night shift security guard working at a haunted local restaurant, the home of some mysterious robots. You are hired and asked to keep a close eye on their behaviors. However, you must prevent them from catching you if one or all of them become aggressive. It is also the main mission that you are required to complete once you accept to engage in the Ultimate Custom Night. Note that you cannot move around the building like those machines.

Ultimate Custom Night

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Come to the great FNAF mashup you can check out and prove your skills along with 50 selectable animatronic characters who coming from seven Five Nights at Freddy’s chapters. With such a large number, the options for customization are almost everlasting. From that collection, you can mix and match everything that is available on the screen. Additionally, you are able to set their difficulty from 0 to 20. You can choose the highest level for those that you love.
[php slug=”ads-con-txt”] Next, you can embark on your job. Sit in front of a desk in a dark and small office you will have to manage 2 side doors, 2 vents, with 2 air hoses because they will lead directly into your room. In that time, it is necessary to take control of other tools carefully if you want to finish the last quests, for example, the heater, the power generator, A/C, the music box, and more. In case you feel uncomfortable and what you receive is not enough, you can lay laser traps in the vents as well as to gather Faz coins, purchase stuff from the prize counter and usually observe attentively 2 Pirate Cove curtains. Every activity that you carry out will allow you to stay alive longer.

Ultimate Custom Night

Other Features

  • Do not ignore testing your abilities through 16 themed challenges!
  • The voice acting in the cool Ultimate Custom Night game is bringing back favorites and giving the player in the franchise plenty of new arrivals.
  • There are a lot of unlockable workplace skins that you can use to decorate your area.
  • You can unlock dozens of secret cutscenes.

Patch Notes

GameJolt frequently gets uploading versions in these days because glitches are found. For instance, the first one of the game had troubles with Springtrap and Mangle at once. Therefore, you are recommended to update yours every time another is active to make sure that bugs will not repeat.

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