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JOLLY 2 is a horror strategy FNaF inspired fan-made game including 8-bit death and non-death minigames along with Extras, Custom Night, and so on. As other creepy adventures coming from Five Nights at Freddy’s games, you are also required to stay alive at the moment that a stage during your night shift is finished.

The challenge in JOLLY 2 Gamejolt is started after the closure of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza in 1985. Animatronic mascots are finally shipped as cargo to another place where you work for. In which, they are hoped to be used for the good aim. And, you are hired to take care of those containers. Unfortunately, machines that have already moved to the location can stand up and roam from midnight to 6 AM due to some technical problems. However, not as simple as what you see via security cameras. They are seeking you to kill. Download JOLLY 2 free and always prevent them from entering your room or you will lose! It is useful to supervise their steps and fry their circuits on the doors! Notes! It is impossible to electrocute them if the pipe is leaking! Otherwise, you will fry yourself. To fix that issue, attempt to lean back and tap on the right position! Have fun!

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JOLLY 2 for Android

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