Chica’s Party World

Chica’s Party World

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Chica's Party World

Challenge your bravery once again to another horror adventure in Chica’s Party World – a free FNAF fan game for you to download. Taking inspiration from FNAF series by Scott Cawthon, in this fan creation, you will experience many horror challenges. As a detective named Parker, you are ready for a job now. You must go into a scary building to explore a history of it and you have one week to see what happened. Without Chica and her friends, your job would be very easy to handle since you are a detective. However, they appear in the building trying to hinder the way of the job. Now, you don’t only handle the investigation, but you also must deal with the animatronics. Use your smart strategies to get an upper hand on them! You need to protect yourself during the course of the adventure, survive all of their attacks and get to the end of the adventure. Good luck with Chica’s Party World free download!

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