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Affiliated Location

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Affiliated Location

Affiliated Location is one of the best scary games inspired by Five Nights at Freddy’s available on Gamejolt. It is about a survival adventure of a night watchman. Take the role of that man and show up your skills to stay alive at the end of the stage! The challenge that you will join in FNAF Affiliated Location is set in a haunted and dark building. It is known as a “completely new AFTON CINEMA”. In which, you are trapped in an office when you have started the security system. Like FNAF1, it’s only feasible to find some tools useful to defend yourself.

Download Affiliated Location for free and you can discover a creepy place alone! It is the home of educational films and with interactive robots including PlayTime Foxy and JayJay. Be careful! They can roam throughout the areas and capture you. You’d better select and deploy devices wisely or you will become vulnerable when power depletes before you win. After the release date on August 27, the Android port is expected to launch. Have fun!

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