Fnaf World: New game of Five Nights at Freddy’s series

Fnaf World: New game of Five Nights at Freddy’s series

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FNAF World is expected to be the hot new game of Five Nights at Freddy’s series in this year 2016, which is made and developed by Scott Cawthon. At the moments, the loyal fans of Five Nights at Freddy’s game are so curious about this new product of Scott as he made his announcement that the new game was completely different from what he made before, from the genre, gameplay to the features. Let’s keep track of more details which are currently updated day by day here to learn more awesome stuff related the FNAF World!Fnaf World

Scott Cawthon’s statement about FNAF World

Here is a quote from Scott Cawthon:

“The new game that I’m working on will be called FNAF World. It will not be a horror game, but a role playing game where you create a party using the huge selection of characters from the FNaF games, including the classic, withered, toy, phantom, and nightmare versions.”

According to what he said, we partly know some of the little details about this forthcoming product of him – FNAF World. Since Five Nights at Freddy’s games series have already come to an end, and there was no Five Nights at Freddy’s 5, Scott Cawthon wanted to make up for the fans by trying to produce another hilarious game inspired by FNAF games. However, the story will be so different, especially the gameplay, characters and more features of it.

We kind of know that Five Nights at Freddy’s World is not a creepy adventure game in which fears and terrors keep track of us. This time, the game will open another Freddy’s world for all of us! The players will have a chance to experience funny moments and create their own party filled with nice animatronics taken from the previous FNAF games, like Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy. But what could we expect from them? Will they have brand new appearances? And will their personalities stay the same?

The Gameplay of FNAF World

Based on what Scott Cawthon announced over Steam, FNAF World will be produced in the form of RPG game. The game allows the players to create their leader for the group in order to manage and run the whole world

The game also consists of various turn-based battles between the animatronics and the wicked robotic enemies. Each member will have three discrepant attack slots so that the can totally advance their strengths. Some of the movements when being used for launching the assaults will even bring powerful damages. However, you should remember that there will be other movements that can’t be used to assault, like Chica’s Cupcake move. This one can only be used for treating the pains and injuries.

Check out some of Movement sets of the FNAF World:

  • Chica: Cupcake, Birthday, Waterhose
  • Spring Bonnie: Springlocks, Happy Jam 2, Cosmic Song
  • Phantom Mangle: Toxic Bite, Mystery Box, Pizza Wheel 2
  • Nightmare Freddy: Bite 2, Sludge, Freddles
  • Phantom Foxy: Jumpscare, Toxic Bite, Unscrew

The Characters of FNAF World

Joining FNAF World, we will have a chance to welcome our familiar “friends” from Five Nights at Freddy’s games. Let’s welcome Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy back to our game! Their behaviors and personalities will be completely changed, and plus they are b animatronics which are equipped with excellent skills and weapons for battling against the enemies. The players can easily select the characters that they want to play as. Also, players can build up a clan filled with these adorable characters! Scott Cawthon already announced on Steam that there were some of “hidden animatronics” in this new game, and they were considered as Easter Eggs. Let’s just keep calm and wait for further details!

The trailer of FNAF World

Recently, Scott Cawthon has been uploaded the official teaser trailer of FNAF World with the introduction of Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy and other animatronics which have been reformed and redesigned. These “friends” will show us their completely different personalities. They are not creepy and evil anymore! But now they are friendly and adorable. The trailer partly reveals some of the cool epic scenes from the game. We can clearly see that there are some awesome battles between the robotic troops and our animatronics. They make the best use of their specific abilities and weapons to fight against them. This can be one of the most outstanding points of the trailer catching the attention of the players most.

The Release Date of FNAF World

According to the latest post created by Scott Cawthon over Steam, he announced that FNAF World game will be released on February 19th, 2016 with the desktop version, and the demo version of the game will also be launched on Gamejolt before releasing. Isn’t it great news for all of us, for all of FNAF World fans? Although he’s still trying to fix some delays of the game, we still surely hope that our game developer keeps his promise about launching the game as what he planned before. In addition, the Android and iPhone version will be released in the following weeks after that. Right now all we have to do is just wait wait and wait for the game to be come out! You can stick with us to keep track of more information about the demo version and get the link download for free! Hope you have fun and see you soon!

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