FNAF: The Complete Guide to beating Five Nights at Freddy’s

FNAF: The Complete Guide to beating Five Nights at Freddy’s

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It’s way too difficult to survive for all the dreadful nights in Five Nights at Freddy’s game! However, nothing is impossible, right? Keep this sentence in your mind because we are here to bring the complete guide to beating FNAF to you! Now, no need to worry about how I tackle with the spooky animatronics, how I survive from night 1 till night 7! All the strategies and useful tips will be revealed here to help you complete your game. Stick with us and check them out now!

The Animatronics (Part 1/2)

These animatronics all want to catch you and annihilate you, stuffed inside their suits they tread in! How do they do this task? Let’s go over it now! (NOTE: Golden Freddy will not be here because of the face his animatronic appears randomly, and cannot be forced to spawn in)


Bonnie is the purple bunny; he is the initial animatronic that you encounter, and is the most hostile of them. He will come to your door the most however at a disadvantage for him; he disappears in a few moments. He takes a path from the Show Stage to Backstage then moves to the Dining Hall. Then he advances to West Hall then the Supply Closet or West Hall Corner next to The Office. Any room that was not included here, Bonnie will not get into, so no need to check the restrooms for Bonnie, which will only give him more time to advance. Bonnie makes a raspy groan similarly as a human would. If you have the camera up, once you close the camera, he will jumpscare you, killing you. Use that sound as a caution, and attempt to stay alive with the camera up until 5AM. Also, Bonnie will make your doors make failing sound, followed with your doors not working or closing anymore. This means he has already entered, so don’t open your camera or else you will be jumpscared, killing you!

How do I deal with this boisterous bunny?

So Bonnie has in the past been reported to “Teleport” or “Instantly move” to other areas around the map, this is true to an extent. He is the most hostile animatronic of the three, so he makes his movement around the map rapidly in the harder nights. He will take alternative paths to the Supply Closet or Backstage, but will not go to any other areas than the areas you were told prior. He will always get close to the left, because he does not go into the right side of the map. When Bonnie is at your door, you need to press the button to close the door immediately, or else he will enter, resulting in your death. After shutting the door on Bonnie, just go check the lights. If there is a shadow of his ears on your window brim, he’s still there, but if not, go ahead and open the door to save power. Also, you can spot out Bonnie by listening to his distinct loud, stomp-like steps. Once hearing these sounds, go check the lights instantly, because Chica makes the same sounds. What is the best way to tackle with him? Just check your lights, close your door when needed, you do not need to constantly tail him with your camera.


Chica is the 2nd robot that you encounter. Chica can show her appearance on all nights, just as Bonnie is able to, but usually only comes in on Night 2. But, let’s find out more. Chica is just about the most inactive animatronic if Freddy is not included from night 1 to night 3. She’ll only get close to your door occasionally, nowhere near as hostile as Bonnie does. But because of her passive nature, she will stand at your door in the longest period compared to three animatronics. Chica’s route to you is about the exact opposite of Bonnie’s; she travels the right side of the restaurant. Starting at the Show Stage then to the Dinning Hall to the Restrooms next is Kitchen, then to East Hall then East Hall Corner advancing to The Office. Chica won’t pay a visit to any room that wasn’t brought up here, so do not waste your time checking for her in them. She will make the rough groans much more than Bonnie when she has made her way in the office, and like before will destroy you when you turn off your camera. Chica also disables your door, so don’t open your camera or else you will get destroyed for sure.

How do I tackle with this creepy chicken?

Chica will not make any movement rapidly like Bonnie does, she is very inactive even in the difficulties 4/20.
She is very passive. However, she does not go back to previous areas like Bonnie does, she’s straightforward and takes her path which was mentioned earlier. When getting close to the doors, she will peep through the window
But, you do not need to be as fast when shutting the doors when Chica is there as you do with Bonnie but be quick just because Chica will make the thudding footsteps just as Bonnie does when advancing, so both of lights need to be checked when you hear some rustling. Is there any good way to tackle with Chica? Just go check the lights, and don’t follow with cameras. Also, the ruckus she makes in the kitchen is an amazing way to keep track of where she is.
The Animatronics (Part 2/2)
Why are these animatronics in a discrepant section? Basically, they’re special, so we gotta explain them justly! Let’s find out how they kill us so frequently! So read carefully, since this information is a must have!


Now we address the “Spookiest” animatronic, Foxy. The thing that makes Foxy exclusive is that he can turn up on every night, but he usually only comes into play at Night 2.
What makes Foxy unique is that he does feel interested in appearing on the cameras. He can appear on every night, but usually only comes into play at Night 2. Differently, what everyone states, the Foxy in night 1 doesn’t launch any assault to you, be he can peer out at. The only way to get him to attack is by waiting 44 seconds for the little “Anti-do nothing” mechanic in the game to activate. But that isn’t the point. Foxy takes a straight way, from Pirate Cove directly to The Office. It’s easy to know he’s running because the drapes in Pirate Cove will be fully opened with no foxy present. When seeing this, just quickly turn off the camera, and shut the door quickly. You have to be very quick in doing this. When he kills you, he runs to your office door and screeches.
How do I tackle with this spooky Fox?
There are four stages that Foxy will proceed before running to you. The obvious one is when the curtains are completely shut, which means that foxy is covering himself, watch him almost constantly, so he stays like this. The Curtain moved away, and Foxy is peeking through, keep a more cautious eye on him, he’s learning that you’re not watching him often enough. Curtain fully moved away, and Foxy shows his appearance in front of the screen, meaning he is ready to rush into your office. Check him more frequently so he doesn’t sprint. Curtains fully moved away, and there is no sign of Foxy, when this one happens, hurry and shut the left door. When you hear him hitting on your door first, you’re able to open the door. He’ll take about 6% power each time you prevent him from entering. The good method to tackle with him is not to keep track of Chica and Bonnie. Just keep an eye on Freddy and Foxy, if you do this, you can keep him off of you at least for a while.


This is the infamous animatronic of the game, the toughest to tackle with. Freddy is the main animatronic in the game and the final one that you encounter. He is energetic on night 3 and onward, but usually only comes around on Night 4. The thing that makes him so difficult is that he is very adaptive. If you check Pirate Cove or god forbid trying to follow Bonnie/Chica, he’ll advance faster on to your position. If checking him too frequently, you allow the other animatronics to get on you, disadvantaging you either way. There are three crucial things you need to learn about this bear. 1. Making any movement will bring up a deep laugh, the louder it is, the closer he is. 2. He won’t show up his appearance at the door lights. You need to check Eat Hall corner to be sure that if he is at your door or not. 3. Freddy can be in the area as other animatronics. For example, if Bonnie and Freddy are in the same place, you can only see Bonnie, not Freddy. So, here is his path. He takes his leave at the Show Stage then move forward Dining Hall and either advances to Restrooms or the Kitchen, but that is chance decided. He will then advance to East Hall then East Hall Corner finally to The Office. If you haven’t learned, his path is similar to Chica, but it’s chance decided if he travels to Kitchen or Restroom.

How do I deal with this bear?

Do you remember the way that Bonnie and Chica disabled your doors? Yeah? Well, nah, there’s no way Freddy does that! If anything, it’s the exact opposite. He can merely get into when you bring up your camera. And when you hit the right door, it usually works, but this is only an illusion of safety. You won’t get destroyed when your camera is down. He annihilates you whenever he wants to! Around 30 seconds after he gets in, he will launch his assault from the side. He can get defeated by transitioning from Pirate Cove and Show Stage since he’ll be slowed when being watched. So if he’s stuck at Show Stage, he can’t mess with you. But if he makes any move from Show Stage to East Hall Corner, since that’s when he makes his arrival at your door. We’ll talk more about tackling with him throughout the nights.
Sound Reference
This guide will help you realize who is moving:

Bonnie’s sounds

• Loud footsteps (getting closer to the office)
• Rough breaths/groans ( already enter the office, but the camera is up)
• Knocking the light/tapping (at the door, but closed)
• Scare signal (at the door, not being closed but once turning on the light)
• Door Fizzle/Clicky Sound (In the office, but no camera up)
• Scream (Death Animation, You’re Dead!)
• Warped Robot Gargling/Voice (Head Twitching Delusions)
• Camera Fizzle / Fixed (coming to an area but being watched by the camera)

Chica’s sounds

• Loud footsteps (getting closer to the office)
• Rough breaths/groans ( already enter the office, but the camera is up)
• Knocking the light/tapping (at the door, but closed)
• Scare signal (at the door, not being closed but once turning on the light)
• Door Fizzle/Clicky Sound (In the office, but no camera up)
• Scream (Death Animation, You’re Dead!)
• Warped Robot Gargling/Voice (Head Twitching Delusions)
• Camera Fizzle / Fixed (coming to an area but being watched by the camera)
• Dinging/ Ruckus (In the Kitchen)

Foxy’s sounds

• Quick Rapid, Footsteps (Running down the hall)
• Very thumping hitting/thumping/knocking (Completed his run but the door is closed)
• Scream (Death Animation after a run)
• Singing (Random event)

Freddy’s sounds

• Deep, low laugh (Making his movement, the louder, the closer he is.)
• Camera Fizzle/Static (coming to an area but being watched by the camera.)
• Scream (Death Animation, you’re not prepared for Freddy)
• Light Jingle-Circus Music (Death Animation through a blackout, the length of the song differs. It also occurs when being in the kitchen)
• Quick Circus Music
• Low Footsteps (Death Animation through a blackout, after ending the song throughout the power outage)

Night 1

Night 1 is the most effortless night, but it’s still a possibility for you to get destroyed. However, you can check out the following strategy to win it easily.
Animatronics on this Night
Bonnie – this is the merely animatronic that can totally destroy you
Chica – she just moves around, it’s a low chance for her to kill you.
Foxy – He won’t attack you on this night, he just peeks out.
Freddy – Of course not, He will turn up at the show stage, but he will be very idle.
The Strategy
1. First of all, listen carefully to the phone call, you will know the game mechanics.
2. Prior the call finishes, close the left door. Because Bonnie is the only one getting hostile, doing this will prevent him from entering
3. Check the right light frequently, so the Anti-camp mechanism is hindered and be sure that Chica is not there.
4. Being idle for the rest of your night. You can practice your checking skills, by watching the pirate cove, show stage east hall and change between them fast.
5. Finish the night!

Night 2

Night 2 is basically the same as Night 1, but the animatronics are only slightly more active than Night 1. Giving the game a sort of difficult, but nothing perilous
Animatronics on this Night
Bonnie – He’s getting more and more hostile, he is a real risk now
Chica – Now, she is thirsty and hungry for you. She is a fully-fledged risk, just like Bonnie on first night
Foxy – Now, he’s energetic, but he’s not completely a risk
Freddy – He won’t launch any attack against you for sure.
The Strategy
1. Let’s begin! You should check the show stage when the call is going on, because they will take their leave at 12 am – 1 am throughout the call.
2. After they leave, you need to bear in mind this rhythm, left light, right light, pirate cove, rinse and repeat
3. Keep doing this at a faster speed to save up the power
4. Repeat the cycle until the night comes to an end. There’s no way to lose!
5. Obtain the goal

Night 3

Animatronics on this Night
Bonnie – He is completely hostile and dangerous, be watchful for him!
Chica – Similar to Bonnie, she’s totally possible, tolerant, and devastating. Be careful!
Foxy – He will trigger if you keep an eye on him too frequently, but you can dodge it following this strategy.
Freddy – Freddy will make his movement, but he hardly ever destroy you, similar to Chica on the first night.
The Strategy
1. You are told about the playing dead through the call. This is very crucial because your power might be run out from night 3 and onward. To pretend to be dead, you need to stay unmoved right after the lights turn off, and then Freddy will perform a longer song.
2. To stop Freddy from moving, you need to begin from the show stage, then change to Pirate Cove fast, and get back to show stage. Freddy will get stalled due to his AI. Then check the lights, change to cameras once again. Just rinse and repeat.
3. Keep doing this, Freddy will get stalled for sure even though it’s isn’t necessary. But you are supposed to follow the rhythm for from night 4 to night 6.
4. Repeating this cycle for the rest of night, just ensure that Foxy won’t bang your door more than twice if he does that, your power will be depleted too fast, and you can’t stall Freddy longer.
5. If the blackout happens, just pretend to be dead and then you can obtain the goal.

Night 4

Animatronics on this Night
Bonnie- Bonnie is extremely fast now. He will be at your door in moments at seamless times. Be very alert!
Chica- Chica is still passive, but in an aggressive way. She can stay at your door for very long periods of time.
Foxy- He will start peeking out seemingly no matter how you check on him. Just keep him sated
Freddy- He’s active now, but if you use the strategy to keep him sated, there won’t be a problem.
The Strategy
1. The phone call is useless information, except for that little lore thing, always nice. Now you’ll have to do the strategy and keep the beat, because that you will need.
2. The beat must be done as seen, Left light Right light, Show Stage, Pirate Cove, Showstage and do it all again. This keeps Freddy all in his place all nice and cozy while Foxy is satisfied with your attention.
3. While you’re checking the lights, listen to Freddy’s deep laugh, if you hear it, you must look at East Hall Corner instead of Show Stage.
4. Keep doing this and remember, don’t let Foxy hit your door twice.
5. Finish the Night and stay still if you lose all of your power.

Night 5

Animatronics on this Night
Bonnie – Now he can stay for long periods of time as Chica can, while still keeping his same speed. Be more alert.
Chica – She will stay for large amounts of time, be very attentive to what she does.
Foxy – He’s speedy now, sometimes he will start his 2nd Stage by 12 AM.
Freddy- Keep him stuck on the Show Stage, because if he makes any movement by 4 am, you’re dead for sure.
The Strategy
1. You can’t hear the Phone Guy, but you need to get in the beat by 12 AM no matter what.
2. The beat is identical as the 4th, Left light Right light, Show Stage, Pirate Cove, Showstage, however, you’ll need to be very hasty because Freddy will be very tough to stick in the same place.
3. Keep doing this for the rest of the night, if that bear moves to another area, you’re not hasty enough. But if it’s by 4 AM you’re just swell.
4. Continue this until you get to 7%-5%, just stay still when you’re at this percent. Do not pull up the camera, because one of them would’ve definitely gotten into your office by this time.
5. Finish the night, if you go through Power Outage, just pretend you’re a stone, still and dead.

Night 6

This night is very arduous, you may die a lot, or maybe not, but you never know until you try, right? Why couldn’t it have not just ended on Night 5? Let’s check it out!
Animatronics on this Night
Bonnie – Bonnie will be very weird, 20/20/20/20 like personality. He’s gonna appear at your door seamlessly.
Chica – Chica will pop at your door extremely hasty and will stay there for too long, she gets comfortable.
Foxy – Seemingly the same as Night 5, just be very quick about him
Freddy- Basically identical as Night 5, but is very rapid moving. It’s hard to keep him stuck.
The Strategy
1. There’s no Phone Guy on this night, so begin your beat as soon as possible.
2. The beat is similar to night 5, Left Light Right light, Show stage, Pirate Cove, Showstage then do it over and over again.
3. You gotta remember, keep Freddy in the Show Stage.
4. Finish the night, it’s just like the way you did on Night 5.

Night 7 (20/20/20/20)

Now this is the final night, so this is going to be a quick explanation, no explanations of the animatronics because you know plenty already by now. If not, how’d you get here?
Be prepared for being killed, because it’s inevitable to get attacked by the animatronics. You’re at risk! Now, you have no choice but getting ready to sacrifice your life over and over. Messing up will lead to your death for sure. You will have a chance to react so fast to them when they are at your door because they will get into your office soon. The same goes for Foxy, but you need to be fast and sharp-eyed
The Strategy
1. Turn on your camera instantly and go to Pirate Cove. Ignore all Footsteps and Laughs, because you’ll hear them regardless.
2. Now try to do this so fast, Left light, Right light, Show Stage, Pirate Cove, and repeat like always.
3. If you do not close the Right Door, Freddy will enter, and as for the lights, if you make a mistake, they’ve entered your office.
4. You’ll die lots. Be patient, you’ll beat it soon enough. But, once you reach 7% don’t do anything, just stay still. The Rock Strategy…
5. Finish the night, God forbid you run out of power! Stay still!
Night 7 (20/20/20/20 Different Method)
This is an alternate way to beat off 4/20 mode. It’s much more power saving and difficult to screw up, Foxy is now your problem child, not Freddy.

The Strategy

1. Bring up your camera and move to East Hall Corner, and then begin your beat.
2. Do exactly as stated. Left light, right light, East Hall corner, then change to Pirate Cove fast, then return.
3. If Foxy has taken his leave from a stage, keep an eye on him more often but still keep following the cycle.
4. Be absolutely positive that you’re hasty with Pirate Cove, be sure to change back, or else Freddy will have entered your office.
5. Finish the Night, if the power runs out, even though it should not, just do the Rock Strategy!

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