FNAF: How to Complete Nights 1-7

FNAF: How to Complete Nights 1-7

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If you want to beat off all the creepy challenges and survive for all nights in FNAF game, then let’s check out a full tutorial on how to complete nights 1-7! As we know, the four famous animatronics in Five Nights at Freddy’s game have their own purpose and reason for attacking you! Are they really trying to kill you? The reason is not! Why? This could be because you’re an exotic skeleton to them rather than an innocent human. When they see you as a skeleton without wearing any costume, they will consider that you break the rules. Therefore, they want to attack and get you stuffed inside the suit. Now let’s find out what will happen from night 1 to night 7. But first, let’s meet our “spooky friends”!

Introduction of Animatronics
Freddy Fazbear

Freddy Fazbear is the most dreadful animatronic in the game. He is a protagonist being active on night 3 and onward. He is known as a brown bear wearing a black hat. Observing him enough on the camera will decrease his speed. He won’t make any movement if you are checking on the camera.
Bonnie the Bunny
Bonnie is known as a purple bunny which is very energetic, starting from night 1 and he only shows up his appearance at the left light.

Chica the Chicken

Chica is a yellow chicken which is also very energetic from night 1. This animatronic only turns up at the right door.

Foxy the Pirate Fox

Foxy is a Pirate Fox staying at the Pirate Cove in order to make the players watch him frequently. Starting from night 2, he’s really active! Checking him too much or too little also triggers him and he will run down to your place immediately. Therefore, just keep an eye on him frequently enough!
How to Accomplish Night 1 to Night 7

Night 1

Each player will want to obtain their first goal on night 1 to win $120, or maybe just 50 cents.
Let’s find out the easy way to beat this night:
Left & Sit
– Keep calm and wait for the animatronics to start their movement (probably late 2 am or 3 am)
– Shut the left door and being idle
If you close the left door, then there’s no way for Bonnie and Foxy to enter your place. Freddy won’t be energetic on the first night, Try to save the power from 12 to 2 am so that you can have it enough with the door shut. If the power is consumed too much, the lights will turn off. You probably have enough time for surviving.
You should utilize the Power User on night 1 and night 2 only.

Power User

With this power user, there are two opposite sides that you have to face. The negative one is that you probably will get jumpscared, and the negative is you will know the gameplay and all animatronic beings.
You will always hear a phone call at the beginning of nights 1 – 5. Following this tutorial can make you mute the call. The animatronics will be very idle until late 2 am or early 3 am. During this time, you can spend your time waiting to prepare skills, and tactics, or try using the cameras. When they begin to move, you need to check out some of the following things:
Rooms that the animatronics passing by:
• Show Stage: Freddy, Bonnie & Chica
• Dining Area – Freddy, Bonnie & Chica
• Backstage – Bonnie
• Restrooms – Freddy & Chica
• Pirate’s Cove – Foxy
• Kitchen (camera is always removed, but you can hear the sound when an animatronic is in there) – Freddy & Chica
• West Hall – Bonnie & Foxy
• East Hall – Freddy & Chica
• Supply Closet – Bonnie
• West Hall Corner – Bonnie
• East Hall Corner – Freddy & Chica
Normally, Bonnie will take his leave first. The animatronics usually traverses the Dining room, backstage, and the restrooms. If you don’t see any of them, just go check the door lights immediately. Remember that Bonnie comes from the left and Chica comes from the right. Also, don’t forget to check the Pirate’s Cove throughout the night. Don’t pay attention too much on Foxy even if he is peeping via the drapes. If you see the curtains are opening, and Foxy isn’t there, just get to the left door immediately and go check the West Hall. Foxy will sprint toward you, hit on the door to deplete your power. Alright, let’s back to Bonnie and Chica! If you see them turning up at the door light, just shut your door. And also, check the light if Chica is still at the door, and for Bonnie, only his shadow is shown. Freddy won’t be energetic until night 3, and he will start assaulting from night 4 and onward.
Be sure that your power is remaining, at least, 50% before 3 am.

Night 2

Night 2 will get a little bit tougher than night 1. This night, we have to face Foxy because he will be very active on this night. The same goes for Bonnie and Chica as well.

It’s useless for the Left and Sit tactic for the nights above night 1. Bonnie and Chica will take their leaves from Show Stage from 12 am. Keep yourself safe from them!
Power User
From the beginning, ensure that the Show Stage and Pirate’s Cove are already checked. Try to watch Foxy at the Pirate Cove every hour in order to make sure that he won’t leave. Be careful with Bonnie and Chica! You can realize their movements by listening to the sounds. Hearing the groans and mumbling over the cameras means that your office has been seized by Bonnie and Chica. Then, they will jump out and scare you! Hearing pots and pans will help you learn that Chica is already in the kitchen.
Sometimes, you won’t hear anything because the cameras might be static. Try to check Foxy more frequently. If he is at the drapes, but you can see him, then try to be watchful more. If the curtains are opening widely, and Foxy isn’t there, just shut the left door immediately then go check the West Hall over the camera for triggering him sprinting. He will hit your door, and you can hear the sound of that action. Also, you can use the door lights a little bit. But make sure that the power is remaining until the end. If it is run out, and the time is not over yet, just stay unmoved. If you don’t, the song will be played by Freddy, and he will get you for sure.
Night 3
On night 3, everything will start to get scarier than we thought. Foxy will turn to very active, the same goes for Bonnie and Chica, and Freddy will make his own movement. However, Freddy won’t assault you provided that the show stage is frequently checked.
Check out the new tactics and strategies for night 3 and the onward!
Rinse & Repeat
As for this strategy, you should follow the guidance carefully and try to repeat your cycle more than once.
First of all, try to place the camera on the Pirate’s Cove. This will bring you Pirate’s Cove scene when opening your camera.
• Both door lights need to be checked because of Bonnie and Chica
• Flicker the camera on as fast as possible, and then turn it off for checking Foxy
• Rinse and do it again
It will be easy for you to follow, however, be careful with Freddy; he will annoy you for sure. You should check him 2 or 4 times for an hour so that you can learn he doesn’t make any move. If he already moves, just keep calm and check where he is. The problem is the door lights because they need to be checked every a few seconds. Keep your camera on the Pirate’s Cove.

Night 4

On night 4, you should try to be careful as much as possible because Freddy will become your threat, Foxy, Bonnie and Chica will be very hostile and active. Ensure you the doors will never be shut with no animatronic appearing at each one. Freddy will get into your room, and you will get killed.

Rinse & Repeat

This tactic will be reused for this night! You can find out this one from the section above! Right now, we will find out the strategy for Freddy!
Freddy will take his leave if you don’t check on him enough.
• The door lights need to be checked for both Bonnie and Chica
• Flicker your camera on the Pirate’s Cove, and then change it to the place where Freddy is, turn it off
• Go check the door lights
• Check out the place where Freddy is by flickering, change to the Pirate’s Cove, and then turn it off
• Rinse and do again
Freddy will traverse these areas:
Show Stage >> Dining Area >> Restrooms >> Kitchen >> East Hall >> East Hall Corner
You will learn if Freddy is in that room or not because of his glowing eyes. Hearing a deep laughter means that Freddy has taken his movement. If you see Freddy is at the east hall corner; you need to shut the right door every time checking on the camera. Because he might sneakily enter your room and get you stuffed if you don’t do that. If he is at the East Hall or east hall corner, you are not allowed to pay attention to him on the camera.
Try to be fast when dealing with the door lights so that you can beat off the challenges!

Night 5

Now, it’s about to face the most dreadful fear on night 5! All the animatronics of this night will be dangerous threats.
Rinse & Repeat
The order of the steps will be similar to the strategy of night 4, like this:
-Check Door Lights (Bonnie, Chica)
– Flicker the camera on Pirate’s Cove, and then change it the place Freddy is
-Check Door Lights for Bonnie and Chica
-Flicker the camera on Freddy, and then change it to Pirate’s Cove
The door lights will have no sign of Freddy and Foxy. Ensure that you pat attention to Freddy more often, it will decrease his speed. If he turns up in the east hall or east hall corner, then you should go check Foxy, not him. If he turns up in the east hall corner, you need to shut the right door every time checking on the camera. There might be his laughter sound when being in the east hall corner.
If you conquer this night, you will get a 1st start! And you will be paid 4$ an hour.
Night 6 (Nightmare Mode)

After night 5, you will experience another creepy nightmare – night 6 which is considered as the toughest night of all. Rinse and Repeat will be reused one more time!

Rinse and Repeat

The ways for using this strategy will be similar to nights 4 and 5. But you should be very quick! This is going to be your worst and creepiest night ever, except for doing 4/20. Make the best use of whatever you know to beat it!
If you conquer this night, you will receive the second start, and then the custom night (night 7) will be unlocked. You will achieve the third start if you set all AI levels to 20.
Night 7 (20/20/20/20 Mode)
You need to open the custom night selection menu so that you can access 20/20/20/20 mode. Then you have to adjust Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy to AI level 20. This is the toughest mode and Rinse and Repeat strategy can’t be used for this night. Let’s check out another one brought to you by MrBuu423!
When the night begins, you need to change the camera to the east hall corner immediately. Move it down, up, down, up, down and do it over and over again. This is going to be a big help! When you see the eyes of Freddy, this is cycle now:
• Door lights need to be checked
• Open the camera, and then shut it
• Do it over again
If you pay attention too much on Freddy, Foxy will be calmer. You should go check him, but if you do that, just do when the Chica is in the unsighted area, and the door is shut. If you keep an eye on Foxy, but Chica is not there, just shut the right door and then go check him.
If the power is around 2% left, you need to stay still and wait for the blackout to happen. If you reach 3 am before 40%, you will be absolutely fine.

When you have no power left, it will take Freddy around 50 seconds to assault you. But it totally depends on a chance. If you run out of it, just stay unmoved, and you will probably be safe. However, if you hear his longest song, then it’s still a possibility. If you move, you will trigger his shortest song about 10-15 seconds.
• Hear the sounds carefully and closely
• Stay unmoved if you have no power left
• Be courageous – if you reach Night 4, you’ll probably be less frightened
• The power usage needed to be kept for flickering between 1 and 2 bars
• Pay attention to Foxy and Freddy frequently (night 2 for Foxy, night 3 for Freddy)
• Bonnie is more energetic than Chica, so try to keep the left light checked frequently
• If Bonnie makes the left door be closed, just turn on the light, and the shadow of Bonnie will be reflected on the window.
• Close the game by hitting key ESC, and restart it by hitting F2
• If you hear the sound of metal tapping, it means that Bonnie or Chica has already taken the move.
There are lots of secrets in Five Nights at Freddy’s. Check them out!
Golden Freddy
This is an Easter egg! Golden Freddy will turn up in your place whenever you see a poster of it located on the West Hall Corner. Then he will jump out and scare you, or even break your game. Try to lift the camera up immediately so that you can make Golden Freddy get out of your office. After that, shut it, he will take his leave. You will face him from night 1 to 4 and night 7 as well.
If you adjusted Freddy to 1, Bonnie to 9, Chica to 8 and Foxy to 7 when joining the custom night, it means 1987, after that, the Golden Freddy screamer will turn up destroy the game just like the usual one if hitting Ready.
Cameras Cutting Out
Your cameras will sometimes turn into static from night 1 and onward because of the action of Bonnie and Chica. They cut your cameras so that you can move and go everywhere without worrying about being observed. If you’re in this case, just go check the door lights.
Occasionally, there will be some of glimmering images between the messages with the text “It’s Me”, then you get frightened and freak out so loud when seeing a dreadful Bonnie face or Freddy Face. Don’t get fooled! It’s completely nothing! So keep calm and continue your work!
Camera Mysteries
Sometimes, there is a possibility for you to see something weird on the cameras. It could be Freddy splitting his head on the poster, or you are observed by all the heads in the backstage or the crying kids on the three posters in the East Hall and so on.

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