FNAF: How to Survive Your Nights at Freddy Fazbears Pizza

FNAF: How to Survive Your Nights at Freddy Fazbears Pizza

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Let’s find out some tips and strategies to survive from the dreadful nightmares when working at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza restaurant as a night watchman from midnight until the morning! In this article showing how to survive your nights at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, we will take a closer look at the background information of the animatronic beings, the ways they will attack, the equipment for you to struggle, and so on!

The Animatronic Beings

Freddy is considered as the wicked main animatronic in the game who doesn’t usually leave his location. He will be very energetic on night 4 but he can be viewed as the most dreadful animatronic that the player needs to be watchful in the game. He won’t show his appearance in the doorway in the office, but he will crash into your place then assault without you knowing. If you accidentally witness him standing in the lobby which heads toward to your room, you need to close the door instantly. Let’s wait for him to take his leave then you can open the door. Usually, the route of Freddy will be like this: Starting from the show stage, dining area, restrooms, kitchen, east hall, to east hall corner. When he appears at the Kitchen, the song will start playing. Then, Freddy will be in the obscure locations in which he is seizing. This means that Freddy is trying to dodge the surveillance cameras, which makes him tougher to follow. Also, Freddy won’t show his appearance when there is another animatronic being with him in the same room. If you look at Freddy over the surveillance cameras, you will slow him down on the path. In addition, hearing a laughter sound also implies that Freddy has taken his leave. Be careful for it!


Bonnie is the initial animatronic beings that begin wandering around the building. Bonnie will usually come back to the office more than other robots, but he doesn’t do anything at the door as long as Chica does. Bonnie only gets closer to the player from the left side of the room, and he is very energetic on the initial few of nights.


Similar to Bonnie, Chica will have some the same actions as Bonnie. Chica merely gets close to the office from the right side. From night 2 to night 5, Chica is mostly energetic. And also, Chica will probably do nothing at the door in a longer time.


Foxy can be known as a strange exclusive animatronic. He doesn’t wander around the restaurant. He mostly stays at the Pirate Cove, and when he turns into hostile, because of not being observed via the cameras, he will immediately run to the office in order to annihilate the players. His purpose is to prevent you from staying in your office. Foxy will cover himself right behind the drapes in Pirate Cove during the game. You need to ensure that the Pirate Cove needs to be checked over and over again utilizing the surveillance camera. Don’t try to look at him too much or too little, because it will activate his subsequent stage. There are three stages of Foxy:

The initial stage:

Foxy is standing right behind the drapes, staring at you via the camera.

The second stage:

He has already taken his leave from behind the drapes, and now he is standing in front of the camera when being covered by the darkness, only his dazzling eyes remaining.

The third stage:

Now, Foxy has completely taken his leave from the Pirate Cove, and he has already started to run to your office. If you look at the West Hall on Cam-2A, you will shortly witness Foxy sprinting ahead to your office. Probably you must have kept your door close already, or you need to try to shut it faster. If the Foxy is not it Pirate Cove, the drapes are still opening, you need to close your left door instantly.

Your Tools
The Camera Viewer

The camera viewer is very significant in the game. With the assistance of cameras, you will totally keep track of the animatronic beings in the restaurant.

What to do

You need to keep an eye on the Pirate Cove now and then when the phone guy says on night 2, don’t do this too much or too little, because Foxy will trigger if you do that.
Remember to check the lobbies all the time! This is very crucial because checking those locations will help you know if Freddy or any animatronic beings is there or not.

Your Door Lights

The door lights are very significant. Door lights can be utilized when you don’t see any animatronic over the camera. If they are already in the doorway, just close your door right away. You only leave them open when the enemies already take their leaves. If you want to know whether they are gone or not, you can view them over the camera, or you can touch the door light. Their shadows will tell you that they are still there, if you don’t see any shadow, then they have already left.
The power in the game is very important. Therefore, you need to make the best use of it! Do not return to your camera viewer if there is one of the animatronics beings in the doorway.

How to use them without abusing power

Activate and deactivate your door lights repeatedly. Don’t let them operate all the time, it will make your power wasteful.

The Doors

The doors will block and prevent the animatronic from getting into your office. But they will take too much power, so you need to utilize them when necessary


• Check the lobby cameras all the time
• Check the Pirate Cove from time to time when you utilize the camera viewer
• Close your door whenever you see Freddy is standing or moving in one of the lobbies, and you can only open it whenever he takes his leave.
• Close your door when there is any animatronic appearing in the doorway, and open it right after they leave.

Door lights need to be regularly used

• Don’t use the camera viewer too long and too much
• Try to hear the footsteps sound made by the animatronics outside your lobby
Things to Bear In Mind
• Bonnie and Foxy will turn up in your left doorwat, and the right doorway will be seized by Freddy and Chica
• If you see and know that Freddy is in one of the lobbies, close your door immediately
• Foxy won’t move around the restaurant
• The cameras needed to be checked, and the door lights need to be utilized
• You should check on the Pirate Cove from around 1-3 times whenever you use the camera viewer
How to Get the Best Experience
• You need to keep all the lights off in your areas, your room, your house and anywhere you can be
• Prepare a fan that will blast you (just like the fan in the game)
• Play the game at night only (usually at 12 am)

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