FNAF: How to survive though the nights

FNAF: How to survive though the nights

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If you are a beginner who is completely new to a horror adventure game named Five Nights at Freddy’s, then it will be much better to learn fundamental tips and strategies on how to survive through the nights at Freddy Fazbear’s pizza restaurant!
Tutorial on how to play, general part of the game
A newcomer to the game should learn how to survive and overcome all the issues for the initial two nights. You should check out the basics of gameplay and stuff. And please remember that the game is played with the mouse only. Use it to control and interact with everything in the game.
The period of the game is from 12 am to 6 am. You need to stick with your surveillance cameras and doors to defend yourself

You need to check the office and HUD first.

There will be 4 things on your HUD that you need to remember:

You can know the amount of power remaining on the bottom left; you will have to watch out when using this amount of power. And try not to consume it too much! When time is around 5 am, your power need to be about 20% or to 10%, it runs out of very fast, so be watchful!
Below the amount of power, there are various colorful cubes, including green, yellow and red. You always lose your power when time passes by. And it is consumed when you activate the door lights, doors or the cameras. When the power is off, you will be in the darkness listening to the footsteps. Then the face of Freddy will light up, playing the prelude of Carmen. When the sound stops, you will hear more footsteps and the death will come to you closer and closer.
The current time will be shown on the top right. You need to check it to see if your night is going to end or not.
Lastly, on the underneath of the HUD, there is a bar with an arrow. Moving the mouse over it will help you open the camera feed. You can move on the bar once again when being in the camera feed so that you can shut it.
In addition, you can see that there are two buttons on the initial picture, which are white and red. A white one is a Light, and a red one is a Door. You use them to illuminate the door way and open or shut your doors.
Don’t use them too much! Because they will consume an amount of your power.
Speaking of the camera feed, it’s very important for you to know the arrangement of the place and the significant areas for viewing.

This is the layout of the location. Now, the camera is in the kitchen (Cam 6). To cross the cameras, you just click on it. Below here is the full detail of all the locations:
Cam1A: The Show Stage is here, in which Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica appear and wait at the starting of each night. After leaving this location, they never come back to it.

(From left to right, Bonnie, Chica and Freddy)
Cam1B: This is the Dinning room which is the largest zone. This is also a place in which Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica traverse first.
Cam1C: This is Pirate Cove in which Foxy will stay! This place is so much crucial; you need to check the actions of Foxy at here! Don’t worry other animatronics, Bonnie, Chica and Freddy will never traverse there.
Cam5: This is Backstage in which Bonnie can pay a visit occasionally. Although the room can be very far, the animatronics have a tendency to move very fast.
Cam7: This is the Restrooms in which can be viewed as a counterpart of Chica to the backstage of Bonnie. Note that Freddy might traverse here.
Cam3: This a small closet in which Bonnie has a tendency to cover himself. When you can’t find him, you can check this place.
Cam6: This is the Kitchen, which doesn’t show the video feed. You can only hear and listen to the sound. Chica and Freddy will enter here.
Cam2A and 2B: This shows the lobby in which Bonnie and Foxy can get to you. The Cam A is the back of the hallway, and B will display what is next to the door. Please note that Cam2B includes an unsighted area. Therefore, you have to use and check the light to find out if Bonne is here. Cam 2 A and B will also be equal to your left door.
Cam4A and 4B: Both these cameras show the lobbies on your right. Chica and Freddy use it. The same unsighted area will also be on this camera. When you can’t find Chica, similar to Bonnie, just go check the door light.
In general, the most crucial cameras are the Cam1C and both lobbies.
How to play, and how to move through your initial two nights.
After learning some fundamental tips on how to navigate the camera and control the game, now you need to know how to overcome the terrors and nightmares for the first two nights. However, you should check out some activities of the animatronics first:
Cameras turn black: Observing the animatronics and the camera, and seeing those creatures want to move will turn your cameras into black for around 2-3 seconds. You are not suggested to stick and stay on the camera feed if this case happens. When the cameras go black, the door lights need to be checked immediately.
Checking the door lights: When you can’t find Bonnie or Chica, or in case they were already at your doors and instantly left, you need to leave your camera and go check the door lights fast. You need to shut the door right after seeing one of them there. To learn if they are still there or not, just simply turn on your light:

If none of them is there, you can safely open your door. Remember, on the side of Bonnie, only a shadow you can see, different from Chica who is totally visible
Doors and Lights cracking: You should learn that the buttons can be damaged. When it occurs, the light and door will be totally damaged and won’t operate anymore. Leaving the camera feed for a long period will make you not be able to check the animatronic on one side. If this case happens, you are about to lose, because you are no longer capable of checking your camera. To overcome this problem, try to shut the undamaged door (if any), then go look through the damaged one and wait. You can use this tactic when you are on your initial night, but don’t use it for night 2.
Utilizing your ears: There are lots of sounds in the game, giving you a signal to learn that whether the animatronics are there or no. If you hear the footsteps, you probably will know that Bonnie or Chica is close and somewhere else around your door, be watchful! Or when here a racket, this sound might tell you that Chica is in the Kitchen. When you are not sure about the place that the sound comes from, you can utilize the cameras to identify them. You should note the sounds of the camera’ area will be different from the sounds mentioned above. Usually, the camera sound will be highest than the sound coming from the doors. You may be tricked, or you may be helped to search for the robots.
Pirate Cove and Foxy: Be watchful for this animatronic and his Pirate Cove! He just wants to try to stop you from being inactive and not utilize the cameras. He will appear on the night 2, but he will still be there on your very first night, even though he is active. Too much or too little viewings will also trigger his action, meaning he might come and kill you if you look at him all the time, or if you ignore him too much.
It’s time to learn the strategies on how to survive for the first two nights

Night 1:

The night one is kind of easy to overcome! Nothing strange will happen until 3am. You should listen to the message showing tips and strategies on how to play. You can even go check the camera but don’t do this too much, it will consume your power. After 3 am starts, you need to go view Cam1A to check the

Show Stage

Throughout the initial night, Bonnie and Chica will be the ones who are very energetic. Freddy won’t take any move. When checking the Camp1A, if one of them is not there, you need to start to look in some locations, such as for Bonnie: Cam1B, Cam5, Cam3 and Cams2A and B, for Chica: Cam1B, Cam7, Cam6,

Cams4A, and B.

Although your mission is to check the cameras and door lights, you still need to be safe and stay alive until the night ends, or running out of power. Don’t worry, nothing serious will happen on the first night. But you shouldn’t lose your vigilance!

Night 2:

The difficulty of night 2 will be higher than the first one due to two reasons.
Foxy will appear on this night, and the subsequent nights as well. He is such a strange animatronic that is so different from Bonnie and Chica. If you don’t look at him, he might leave his place and run to you immediately. To beat him, you need to check Cam1C regularly. There are 4 stages that he will

pass by:

• You can’t see anything on the camera of Pirate Cove. This is a great stage giving more time to prepare before he runs to you
• Foxy will stare at you from the drapes. Be watchful for him.
• He will approach your camera so close. Be prepared for his sudden attacks, he might go get you.
• When checking the Pirate Cove, if you see that the drape was already opened, and Foxy is not there, just shut your camera instantly and close the left door. Don’t wait, Foxy will reach your place and hit on your door up to 4 times. When he’s done hitting, you can safely open the door once again. On the other hand, the Cam2A also can be checked then you witness Foxy heading toward you. Just shut the camera and close the left door one more time. However, if you closed it, you shouldn’t check the camera more, it will only make Foxy run faster. If you can shut your door in time before he gets to you, Foxy will leave and return to the stage 1 in which he hides behind the drapes at Pirate Cove, then repeat his actions.
Another reason will be about the actions of Bonnie and Chica! They will start their movement right after 12am. And they turn to very active and energetic. You need to utilize more power for dealing with them. Due to Foxy that needs to be checked frequently, other robots will have more chances and time to get to your place.
You can follow a simple tactic like this: try to stay on the camera at the pirate cove mainly, open and shut the feed, both door lights should be checked at least once, the same goes for the camera. Provided that your power won’t be consumed too much, listen to the sound and Foxy, and then you will get over it!

Final tips and Prompts:

-Bonnie and Foxy will appear from the left side while Chica and Freddy appear from the right side
– The Sound is significant, it can rescue your life.
-Foxy won’t like being checked, which works on both sides. If you check him too much, he will head toward one stage, the same as you waiting too long.
-If you have black out, you shouldn’t move. It probably can prolong more. You can even reach 6am unless Freddy doesn’t destroy you.

Action of the Animatronics and their information

Check this part carefully so that you can learn what will happen in the game! This is considered as a good tip to tell you full information about the animatronics and their behaviors throughout the game.

1) Bonnie the Rabbit.

Bonnie (also known as the Rabbit) will be the initial robot you face. This animatronic will get to your place more than Chica, and he will be intent to take his leave then return quickly after that. Chica has an ability to teleport over long and far distances, which is very different from other animatronics who just go on their own path.

Cam5, Cams1A and B, Cam3 and Cams 2A and B will be his locations of the action
You should know that he can even destroy the left side of your door and the light if you are low to handle in time. If he sneakily gets into your room, you will die soon.

2) Chica the Chicken.

Chica (known as Chicken) is also the first robot that you will face. He is not as hostile as Bonnie. He usually walks around the building, and seemingly he doesn’t feel interested in entering the kitchen or the restrooms.

Cam7, Cams 1A and B, Cam6 and Cams 4A and B will be his locations of action
Similar to Bonnie, Chica can also sneakily get into your room and damage the light and door in order to stop you from checking and watching your surveillance cameras. If you shut the left door already, you probably stay alive, unless Freddy gets you, the power is consumed and run out so soon.
When moving, Chica usually creates some special sounds, especially when being in the kitchen.

3) Foxy the Fox.

Foxy is the initial specific robot you will face on night 2. Foxy is totally able to sprint towards you if you don’t watch him enough, or you check on him too much, triggering his action.

When night turns into tougher, Foxy will probably leave his place and run to you so fast. In addition, if you shut the door prior activating his sprinting, seems like the door can be opened when he’s done the first hitting, and would still be secured. However, it’s still safer if you can wait to open your door once again after he’s completely done banging the door 4 times. While he’s destroying your door, your power is also consumed a lot. So, try not to let him run to you!

4) Freddy Fazbear.

Freddy is the final animatronic that you will face. He will officially start attacking you on night 4, even though he already begins moving around on night 3. You need to check out some of the things about him:

Firstly, Freddy will move from Cam1A to Cam1B, enter the restroom on Cam7, and then the Kitchen, to his finish zone by wandering toward the player’s room inside the lobby on the right side. Take a look at the pictures below to see that he is in the Eastern Hallways:

You can only see his eyes in the darkness. When being next to your door, you will see him very much and clearly.

Freddy has special unclear skills. Seemingly, he can adapt his way for controlling the way of playing of the players; he can even switch the way of moving of other robots, in order to ensure that you will watch the others, instead of him. He is a dangerous animatronic that’s hard to deal with. There’s no way for you to learn when he enters your office. Once invading your room, he will try to jump out and scare you to death.
If you want to overcome Freddy, try to watch him carefully, like that way you do to Foxy. Looking at him will help you stop him from roaming around.
In additions, when moving, Freddy also makes some sounds. If he moves, you will hear a laugh. You will hear it when he gets into your room, even though it’s impossible for you to know that he is here.
When being in the kitchen, Freddy will also play the prelude of Carmen

5) Golden Freddy.

Although Golden Freddy is not a true animatronic, he still can turn up on any night through the poster on Cam2B

Once seeing the poster and dropping the camera, Golden Freddy will appear in front of you, and he will be sitting there. If some of the kids can laugh and light up the pictures, you will get destroyed for sure. It can be called a kind of hallucination, but you still can get killed. To stay alive, you shouldn’t drop your camera and switch to another one prior to dropping it, or you just return to your camera.
Full information of what occurs throughout the nights.
You should check out some important information about each night:

Night 1:

The initial night will be very tranquil, and you can only face Bonnie and Chica. However, the Golden Freddy poster can still pop up, so don’t take any risk!
Foxy can be a danger to you on this night. Don’t be inactive when checking your cameras.

Tactic :

Only keep an eye on the cameras to check for Bonnie and Chica. Also, you need to check the door lights if you don’t know where they are, and also, see if they are at your door or not.
Should take a few looks at Pirate Cove, just for sure.
If the camera is totally disconnected, just leave it immediately and go check your lights. If it’s still safe, you can return to your camera

Night 2:

Night 2 will get a little bit tougher than night 1. Both Bonnie and Chica will leave their places around 12 am or 1 am. Foxy will show his appearance officially on this night as well. You should check on him regularly, but don’t do that too much; he might run to you immediately.
Tactics :
Try to watch your camera, and you need to preserve your power as much as possible.
Bonnie and Chica might get more hostile a little bit, and they will have more opportunities to get to you.
Don’t ignore Foxy! When you check on him, and you don’t see him there, you shouldn’t check the west hall, you only need to shut the camera and the door, then start checking the hall for triggering him.
You can reuse the tactics from night 1. Also, you should try to check on Foxy frequently.
If Chica gets into your room, just shut the left door, and then you can stay alive more. If Bonnie gets into your place, you probably shut the right door, but you will get caught by Foxy eventually unless you don’t leave the camera feed.

Night 3:

This night is the same as the second night. Bonnie and Chica will be active once again, and Foxy will run to you more quickly. Freddy will probably get out of his place, but just only sometimes. You can see him in the dining room, and restrooms.

Tactics :

You can use the tactics from the previous nights again.
Golden Freddy will appear on this night. You can avoid him to survive. Never look at Cam2B, go check another one prior to shutting it if seeing its face.

4th Night :

The night 4 will be the night marking the beginning of the nightmare. Foxy will be very faster leaving his place and become more perilous.
The main focus of this night will be Freddy. He will move and try to kill you. He probably traverses lots of locations, and he never goes back on his road.
Try to watch and check on Freddy, just like you do to Foxy, so that you can stop him from wandering too much.
Freddy won’t show you his appearance when getting into your room. He could be there, even before your door is closed. He might perform his teleporting look. Check this picture:

When Freddy stays in the room which is next to yours, he won’t stop Chica from coming, similar to Bonnie and Foxy coming simultaneously.
Seemingly, Freddy can switch the behavior of the bit, which makes them more hostile and dangerous. This behavior is totally based on your play style.
You may hear some sounds on this night:
• The demented robot speech of Chica
• Laughter from Freddy when he roams around
• The prelude of Carmen played by Freddy when he is in the kitchen
Follow the tactics of the former nights. But you should catch up with Freddy and Foxy simultaneously
Night 5 and Night 6:
The gameplay for both these nights will be the same as night 4, but they will get tougher:
-Bonnie now will show his demented speech as well.
-The animatronics will get more aggressive
-Foxy almost doesn’t move. But he still comes on night 6. Do try to watch and check him.
Freddy makes his movement more quickly, watch him carefully, particularly when he is next to your door.
You can use the former tactics for these nights as well. Or you can come up with your own ones to tackle with the animatronics
Also, you need to be watchful for Golden Freddy on night 5. You can still activate him easily
Custom Night (Also known as the Night 7):
If you accomplished the night 6, a custom night would be opened to you as a new award. This game mode can be customizable; you can easily make it simple, hard, or anything you want.
The difficulty of the settings will be ranged from 0 to 20. 0-2 is effortless, 0 will be easier than night 1. 3-6 will be average, 7-12 will be tough. If it is set higher than 12, it will be tougher than night 6.

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