FNAF: How to be Ready 4 Freddy

FNAF: How to be Ready 4 Freddy

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Five Nights at Freddy’s is a tough horror adventure game in which you have to struggle for survival. The game is filled with creepy animatronic beings roaming around the building in order to jump out and scare the players to death. Dealing with these spooky creatures is so arduous! They always want to kill and stuff you inside a suit, resulting in game over. If you want to beat all of them, then you should check out a useful tutorial on how to be ready 4 Freddy, along with some of the fundamental information of these animatronics.

Details of Animatronic Beings

First of all, let’s say hi to Bonnie! This is a purple bunny showing his appearance on each night. He first appears on the initial night, and you usually see this animatronic first. You can see and find him on each camera located on the West Wing (except Pirate Cove). Similar to other animals, Bonnie tends to be very hostile when the nights come. You should try to check all the unsighted areas nearby the door so that you can deal with him.


Second of all, it’s Chica! This is a yellow chicken that you will see on each night. She wears a bib with a text saying, “let’s eat.” Just like other animatronics, she gets tougher when the nights come. You can find her one each camera located on the East Wing. Different from Bonnie, Chica is not too much energetic. However, she’s still considered as a risk that you need to be watchful. Usually, she will step back for a little bit then she will get to the player. Nevertheless, she won’t do that for the subsequent nights; she will turn into very hostile. You can struggle with here using the same tactics as Bonnie


About Foxy, well, this animatronic is kind of hard to deal with! He is a Pirate Fox, and he’s extremely hostile but not too much energetic. The areas that he usually shows his appearance are W.Wing Hallway and Pirate Cove camera. Similar to other animatronic beings, Foxy will also get very belligerent when the nights come. If you don’t check on him frequently, he will come out and run to you immediately for sure. But if you look at him too much, he will run to you as well. You can see him first when he let his head out of the drapes a little bit at the Pirate Cove, which is a signal telling you that he is about to assault. Then, he takes his leave from the stage, showing his appearance. You should try to check on the camera a little in order not to let him leave and get to your place without you knowing. The sign that is informing you he already left is the drapes being open and a text saying “It’s me”. If you watch the camera at W. Wing Hallway, you will activate him running down to you. In order to dodge being destroyed, you shouldn’t check on the lobby camera too much, and instead, shut the door then go check the camera. He will surely hit your door then take his leave after that


Freddy Fazbear is a creepy bear, and he is very spooky. He always shows his appearance for each night, but he will be extremely on night 4 and the subsequent nights. He will even play a song when you are caught. Staying unmoved will make him play it a little bit longer. To tackle with him for the subsequent nights, it’s gonna be harder than you thought. There’s no way for you to notice when he gets into your room. You can only check on the show stage for stalling his move

Golden Freddy

Although Golden Freddy is not an official animatronic in the game, he’s still a threat. He can show his appearance on the initial night, but he will be more active on the night 3 and subsequent nights. He merely turns up when you check on a poster of Freddy located on the W. Wing Hall corner. Moving down the camera will make him get into the office, but if you want to dodge being killed, you just lift the camera once again.

Some of Basic Strats

You shouldn’t check on the camera too much on the subsequent nights, you just only need to check Pirate Cove and the Show Stage. The spooky animatronics will get very hostile for the later nights, and they can come out to get you more frequently if you check on them without ceasing. If one of them already stands at your door, just go check the lights and the shadows of them will be reflected via the window. You can totally see Chica via the right window. Don’t shut the doors all the times, and don’t let waste your power too much. Using the door too much will consume your power faster, and for the lights as well. Occasionally, the doors and lights can obstruct when Chica and Bonnie are at the unsighted areas. Utilizing the cameras when they are obstructed will make you lose. However, you can still be safe even if the right door is obstructed, provided that Freddy is not energetic. But if the left door is obstructed, there is a high chance for Foxy to assault. You need to check on the lights more frequently to dodge this.

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