FNAF: How to survive Five Nights at Freddy’s

FNAF: How to survive Five Nights at Freddy’s

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Learning some basic strategies before joining the most dreadful nights in FNAF game is so much significant to all of the players. Let’s check out tips showing how to survive Five Nights at Freddy’s game now!

How to survive Five Nights at Freddy's
How to survive Five Nights at Freddy’s


Keep in mind that Freddy and his buddies will never give up on you! Their purpose is to move around from this room to another one so that they can get a chance to kill and stuff you into a suit. You need to safeguard yourself following three fundamental things:

  • Surveillance security camera system
  • Two secured magnetic doors
  • Two lights for checking out the unsighted areas

You need to keep an eye on the cameras so that you can follow the trace of the animatronic beings. Bonnie and Chica will walk around the place; Freddy has his own road to walk up to you, Foxy is available at his place to ensure that you need to watch the Pirate Cove without ceasing so that other animatronics will have more time to move.

When there is animatronic getting close to you, you should illuminate the lobby ways to check out whether they are there or not. If yes, just shut the door immediately and continue to watch them with the lights until they take their leaves.

Try to save up and make the best use of the power you have to operate your place. The power is gone gradually, but you will lose it more quickly if you do these things at the same time, such as shutting doors, watch the cameras, turning the lights on and so on. Try to be watchful for your utilization. You are not allowed to take your leave from the security office. You will get killed for sure if you do that.

Audio and visual cues

There are two basic ways for checking out the movement of the animatronic beings, one is listening to them carefully, another one is observing them over the surveillance cameras.


Freddy is the one who cause the loudest and the most annoying audio signs. Moving will make him release a deeply deformed laugh. No footsteps will appear when he leaves, and he will stay unmoved if you keep an eye on him on the cameras.

Also, the visual camera signs of Freddy are very tough to notice. His glowing eyes are the only thing that you can see from him. Note that other enemies can conceal the area of Freddy. For example, if Freddy and Chica are appearing in the same room, you can only see Chica. So try to be careful!

Bonnie and Chica

The audio signs of Bonnie and Chica will be the same. They are footsteps! There’s no way for you to realize which one is Bonnie’s, which one is Chica. Therefore, you need to stay focused on the cameras and the lights. The volume of these sounds also signifies the distance from them to you. If they sound so loud, it means that they are closer to you. But the sound is so soft, it means that they are so far away from you.


No audio signs that can be found in Foxy! The only thing you need to is to keep an eye on the Pirate’s Cove frequently to check out his actions.

If Foxy has been triggered, the sound will be loud indicating that he is moving toward to you very fast. Now, just shut the left door if you hear the sound.

Golden Freddy

Golden Freddy can merely be activated by some of a specific series of occurrences.

How to call Radical Freddy

You need to keep an eye on the hallway along with the poster of Freddy. If you see that it is normal or just deformed Freddy, now keep changing your cameras until you achieve an image showing a disgusting golden Freddy being eyeless.

After doing that, you are not allowed to remove the camera. Shut the feed and he will totally turn up in front of you. If he remains his position like that around 7 seconds, you will get destroyed.

To make him go away, you need to keep the feed opened and transfer the camera to another area. Shut the feed, he will move away from you.


Foxy is kind of strange! He just only wants to ensure that you are watching the cameras continuously so that other robots will have more time for making their movements.

However, if you watch the Pirate Cove too much or too little, that action will make him activate to run down the hallway in order to assault you. Watching the Pirate Cove will help you learn which phase he is currently in. There are 5 phases of Foxy, cover himself right behind the drapes, peeping out the drapes, presenting himself in front of the drapes with the head is bent at 90-degree angle, and the drapes are open widely.

When Foxy is running down to the lobby, try to shut the feed and the left door as soon as possible. If you do that in time, he will surely hit on a door for several times then repeat his cycle starting from the drapes in Pirate Cove. However, his action hitting on the door will make you lost some of power. It differs, but normally 6%

Please note that when he’s done hitting on the door first, you can totally open it once again then he will move away from you, even though this action will last for a few seconds.

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