FNAF: How to Survive Each Night

FNAF: How to Survive Each Night

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Surviving all the terrifying nights in Five Nights at Freddy’s game is way too difficult! Do you want to conquer the tough challenges in the game and stay alive until the end? No need to worry about how to deal with those disgusting animatronic beings anymore if you start to check out some of the tips showing how to survive each night (Techniques/Strategies) v1.4 as show below!

About “Animatronics”


Fnaf: Bonnie
Fnaf: Bonnie
Bonnie is very energetic on most of each night. All he can perform is to peep and assault the player from the left door. Also, Bonnie can even destroy the doors and actually, he totally obstruct the door on any night – demonstrated by some of the reports.
Fnaf: Chica
Fnaf: Chica
Chia is infrequently energetic on the several initial nights. On night 3 onwards, Chia is very active. All she can do is to perform a sneaky look and assault the players from the right door. Similar to Bonnie, Chica can totally destroy the doors.
Freddy Fazbear
Fnaf: Freddy Fazbear
Fnaf: Freddy Fazbear
As for this animatronic, he can only be energetic on Night 4 and onwards. No one can be sure that if he can assault from both doors or not. Freddy doesn’t peep; he is capable of assaulting the players if both doors are shut, permitting him to peep in undiscovered. However, if both Chica and Bonnie are peeping on both doors, the possibilities for Freddy to assault are extremely low. If the player sees Freddy standing in the east hall or east hall corner, he/she should shut the right door immediately prior to checking the camera. If the power is run out, then Freddy will approach the left side of the door then you will get stuffed for sure. Randomly, it will take Freddy around 40 seconds to assault the player right after the blackout. 
Fnaf: Foxy
Fnaf: Foxy
On each night, Foxy can be very energetic, and he usually covers himself right behind the curtain in Pirate Cove during the game. The player is supposed to keep an eye on the Pirate Cove when utilizing the surveillance camera. Too many or too few of viewings also even activate his subsequent stage.
Note: Even if you don’t view him, Foxy will still be very active

5 Periods

  1. The player can look at his face and the upper part a little bit thanks to the curtain being parted.
  2. Foxy took his leave from behind the curtain and appeared in front of the camera being covered by the darkness showing his bright eyes and outline.
  3. He will prepare the way for his assault opening the curtains so wide. Occasionally, the signal saying “Sorry! Out of Order” will turn to this one “It’s me”. Then the player can’t see Foxy within the Pirate Cove.
  4. Now, he already takes his leave from the Pirate Cove, and be ready for running to the area of the player. When checking out the West Hall over Cam-2A, the player will shortly see the Foxy running ahead to the security room. The player will have two options when seeing this. One is already shut the door; one is shut it instantly.
  5. If the player does succeed in closing off the left door, Foxy will still hit the door some of the times. Then, he will begin his first step covering himself behind the curtain in Pirate Cove. A small amount of power of the player will be lost because of the strong hits of Foxy on the door, which makes their survival tougher.

Golden Freddy

Golden Freddy can show his appearance every night. When viewing Cam 2B, there will be a poster located on the wall. And it can change into various images: a usual image of Freddy, a warped version, a Golden Freddy with a close-up view. This will call for Golden Freddy, and after being called, he will turn up in the office of the player. By this way, the discrepant pictures will be flashed on the screen, followed by the text “It’s Me”. Golden Freddy won’t destroy the player instantly; he will wait for a little bit before doing that, which results in the game over. You need to take a look at your camera back to make him vanish.

The Nights in FNAF Game

Night 1

If you want to stay alive on the initial night, all you need to do is to close the left door! You shouldn’t take a look at the camera or observe the unsighted areas. By doing this, you can stop Bonnie from getting into the office. No need to worry about Chica because the one who is most energetic is Bonnie. Also, you probably feel anxious about Foxy because he can assault from the left door, so you need to shut it. The left door should be shut at around 2 – 3 am in order to save up for the power, or you can close it right after Bonnie and Chica take their leaves from the stage.

Night 2

Similar to the night 1, the player also has to follow the previous guidance to keep survived. Bonnie is still energetic most, and Chica hardly ever appears on the unsighted areas.

Night 3

Both Bonnie and Chica will be very active on this night; the same goes for Freddy. However, it’s still a low possibility for him to assault. Keeping an eye on “Pirate Cove” will let you know if Foxy will assault or not. Try to check the Pirate Cove and then check the unsighted areas. If one of them appears there, just shut your door, because if you stare at them whilst both of them are at the unsighted locations, they will get into the office and assault you. If you don’t check them frequently and accurately, both of them will be able to make the lights of doors and hall come to a failure. If you want to stay alive, you need to resist until 6 AM and dodge viewing at the cameras, which can activate Chica or Bonnie. If they player is still able to shut the left door, this will probably work, or else they will lose the game.

Night 4

On this night, Freddy is very active! He can show his appearance on east hall or east hall corner! If you see him walking up, just shut the right door prior to checking the camera. By doing this, Freddy won’t assault you!
In addition, you should be watchful because Bonnie and Chica are extremely turned on from this night and later one. Also, don’t forget to handle Foxy by keeping an eye on Pirate Cove, not too much, or else he will activate.

Night 5

The strategy of the last night will be similar to night 3 and night 4, and also check out the East Hall regularly. Once seeing Freddy, the player is suggested that they shouldn’t stare at him more than twice, or else he will sneakily get into the office and assault the player. Bonnie and Chica are told to be unmoved if the player doesn’t stare at them via the monitor, which can cause the survival to be easier when the player only has to keep an eye on Foxy for taking his leave from Pirate Cove and Freddy showing his appearance in the east hall. Keeping a continuous eye on Freddy and Foxy from their beginning places will only make them take a longer period for leaving. Provided that the player can check out the doors and watch the cameras fast, they can still survive this last night easily.
After surviving in this last night, when coming back to the main menu, the players will find a star awarded to them for conquering the final challenge, leading to another extra night called sixth night.

Night 6 (also known as Nightmare Mode)

The strategy of this sixth night will be similar to the previous nights, especially night 3, 4 and 5. However, you should watch out Foxy, he is extremely energetic, and he will make an effort to assault you more and more, the same goes for Freddy!
After completing this night 6, night 7 will be unlocked to all the players. The seventh night is called Custom Night, or Sandbox Night, which permits the players to adjust the difficulty. Accomplishing the night 6 will also get a second star!

Night 7’s 4/20 Mode

If you see 20/20/20/20 on this night, you need to adjust the camera so that only Pirate Cove will be in your sight, you only need to check out the Pirate Cove for around 1 second. When you are done removing the camera, you should immediately check out the blind areas in which Bonnie and Chica might appear. Also, you are supposed to keep the right door close all the time prior to checking your camera, or else Freddy will appear and assault you, resulting in a game over. Watch out for Foxy, you might lose some power if he hits your door. When your power is approximately 6% left, you need to stop all the things you are doing. You shouldn’t touch the mouse even once when running out of power because you might be held out until 6 am when Freddy starts to play his tune in a longer period. When being in darkness, alright you can only beg, pray or come up with any last words you have. You can be destroyed by Freddy, or you can be rescued by the bell, showing 6 AM

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