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Play Fnaf 2 Online

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About the FNAF 2 GAME

After surviving the nightmares from FNAF 1, it’s time for another terrific adventure in FNAF 2 unblocked! Our FNAF games at school have been updated with the second chapter promising to bring you more challenges and terrors! In this version, you will take the job of the previous watchman who has been transferred to the day shift due to the complaints saying that those animatronic beings keep trying to enter the office. Now, you will become a night security guard whose mission is to protect the restaurant and stop the robots from getting into the office. Make sure that nothing goes wrong from 12 am until 6 am. You need to watch the cameras, make a good use of empty Freddy Fazbear hear to trick the enemies. The game is all about point and click, so try to click on the screen and check the cameras carefully!
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