Project: Alisa’s Funplace Fnaf

Project: Alisa’s Funplace Fnaf

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Project: Alisas Funplace Fnaf

Project: Alisa’s Funplace looks like the popular series by Scott Cawthon name Five Nights at Freddy’s or FNaF. It is also known as a cool version of “Alisa’s Fun Place“, which will be started and placed next to one of the most well-liked parks in America. Meanwhile, the old location has been shut down since 1966 due to numerous serious incidents related to animatronics and missing kids. In Project: Alisa’s Funplace, you will find upgraded robots, with updated areas, and much more when you accept to work as a newly hired night guard. You are the temporary replacement of your friend, Ben. Whilst he will be in the rest, you have to watch over that building for several days. If you complete, you will obtain 100$. After you agree, you can begin your shift by monitoring cameras. It is also one of the primary devices to supervise your foes. Their behaviors are similar to the antagonist in Fnaf series did. You’d better prevent them from breaking into your office or you will be killed!

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Project: Alisa’s Funplace

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